Illustration for article titled Samsung Transparent OLED Display Pitched As Automotive HUD

Organic light emitting diode displays are normally shown over a black background to provide contrast. This see-though Samsung display, however, does not, providing a creepy, holographic quality perfect for a high content heads-up display.


The booth professionals from Samsung make a hard pitch for applications in the automotive sector, with uses in heads up displays or GPS systems overlaid on the windshield. We suspect the OLED technology would need further development to deal with the harsh requirements of the automotive environment, but the idea is intriguing.

Imagine a richly animated high-definition set of gauges instead of the reflected aqua-colored HUD units in cars today. Then imagine popping those gauges over to a GPS screen. Very George Jetson. As a side note, we think the choice of cleavage bearing aerobics babe as the canned video is pretty hilarious.


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