Sam's Club Offering $100k Electric Sports Car From Hybrid Technologies

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Make room in the shopping cart next to the family-sized toilet paper and ten-gallon jug of industrial apple juice, as Sam's Club is now selling a new all-electric sports car from Hybrid Technologies for the bargain price of just $100,000. Hybrid Technologies, if you remember, builds lithium battery-powered versions of the Mullen GT like the one we drove at the New York Auto Show. This will be a new and improved version which does away with the 'ugliness' and adds 'generic mid-engined supercar hotness,' along with a 200-mile range, 0-60 time of five seconds and a top speed of 150 MPH.The car is being sold as part of a "ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME Own the World’s Ultimate Electric Super Car Package" promo Sam's is putting on, where the first eager buyer with a membership and the ability to log on to the company's website can buy it on November 12th. The package includes round-trip airfare and lodging for two in Los Angeles, time and training at a local race track, the very first car off the production line and shipping to get the car home at the end. (Hat Tip goes to goatrope) [Sams Club]


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Turbolence1988 Loves Magic Turn Circles

Because when people drop millions on single transactions on eBay, it makes PERFECT sense to sell a $100,000 car in a store that parents, fresh-out-of-college kids, and mom-and-pop store owners frequent to stretch every penny out of their income.

But hey. This just opens the door for entry-level car makers to jump in and put the cars on sale where they should be. Selling the new Nissan Versa 1.6S Value for $9,988 in Sam's would probably work exceptionally well. It even avoids dealer markup and dealing with commissions and stuff.