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Having lived in the Lone Star State and having fallen in love with at least two too many women from it, we still don't quite claim Texas. Sure, we've got a bit of Tejas cred, and we love the place. We're anxiously looking forward to our forward-til-death Route 66 roadtrip out there in two months which will be co-liveblogged for tha Jalop with notorious rock writer Tim Stegall (we're kicking it off with a Buzzcocks show). But when Sam Hornish, Jr., no doubt still slightly addled by his understandably brain-melting win at Indy, says of the Foyt-Rutherford trophy, "I used to say that between us, we had seven Indy 500s," Hornish said, referring to the Texas racing legends for which that trophy is named. 'Now, we have eight,'" we kind of wanna rock a Lloyd Bentsen and say, "Sam. We know Texas. Texans are friends of ours. And you, our dear Ohioan, are no Texan."

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