Salt Flats Monster: '69 Barracuda LSR Car

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Okay, so Troy Trepanier has been known to be cocky and egotistical at times. He's been known to build cars that were too self-involved for their own good. His company is called "Rad Rides by Troy" — which may be one of the worst names of any company, ever (despite our affection for the word "rad"). He's been known to appear in cycling shorts on the cover of national enthusiast magazines. That said, when his spandex-and-billet equipped mind gets around to it, the man can produce. To wit, the gorgeous gray-green Deuce roadster he popped out a few year back, and now this, a '69 'Cuda built for hot-rod maven George Poteet, powered by a 180ci Mopar sprint-car four with a goal of 300mph on the salt this week. Which really, is one of the best Bonneville propositions we've heard in a few years.

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