Sales of Top 20 Best Selling Vehicles in US Rise Year to Year

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According to Reuters, which compiled automakers' 2005 US sales figures (through September) and compared them with 2004 numbers, total sales of the top 20 vehicles rose 5.1 percent, that's 212,017 more, at 4,379,568. Ford's F-150 retained the top spot, at 694,960 units sold, while the Ford Econoline ranked 20th, moving 135,801. Ahead of a redesign, the Ford Explorer was the biggest loser among top sellers year-to-year, showing a loss of 24.3 percent, nearly 60,000 fewer vehicles — but only slipping in rank from sixth to ninth, but followed closely by the petering-out Ford Taurus, which lost 19.2 percent, shedding a similar number of sales and sliding in rank from eighth to 17th. Among sales winners were the Chrysler Town and Country, the Chevrolet Malibu and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Click through for the full list.

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Source: Reuters

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