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Saleen, a company that may or may not have some serious financial issues, is still plowing ahead towards, well, something. At in pursuit of that goal, they've renamed their upgraded Tesla Model S, previously known as the Saleen FourSixteen, to the Saleen ST.


When Tesla unveiled the 691 (!) horsepower Model S P85D, it brought up a bit of a conundrum for Saleen. Namely, the D is already super-crazy fast, so it encroached a bit on Saleen's original idea. The new plan, then, is a bit scaled back, but the spirit is the same – to make the Tesla Model S even super-crazy faster.


Now the plan is to shorten the gearing, add on carbon-ceramic brakes, and keep all the already-planned aerodynamic modifications, all to improve the D's nutty 0-60 MPH time from 3.2 seconds, to 3.0 seconds. A modified interior is also possible, with a 2+2 seating configuration. In the process, the car also got the new name. Orders previously placed using a Model S P85, with 380 horsepower, will be called the ST380, since Saleen won't actually be tinkering with the output of the electric motor. The D model, in turn, will be known as the ST691.

In keeping with the spirit of an-already expensive car getting even more things bolted on, the ST691 will set you back $164,900.

Also, I'm sure no one else will have a problem with a car named ST. Definitely, definitely not Ford. Ford has no cars named the ST.


Photos credit: Tavarish/Jalopnik

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