Saleen S5S Heading To Production?

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When we first saw the Saleen S5S at the New York Auto Show, we thought, "That's nice, but it's got concept only written all over it." Well, apparently there's a greater degree of possibility there than we'd initially thought. Saleen Vice Chairman and Chief Technical Officer Chris Theodore dropped in to the offices of Automobile magazine to talk S5S. Seems they're feeling out the market by touring the car around their dealers right now and thanks to an overwhelmingly positive response, the company no longer related in any way to Steve is considering sending it into production. Our favorite part of the whole discussion is about how they decided on the design:

We had an in-house design competition among half a dozen designers, and it came down to two finalists. We had a Betty Crocker bake-off, and David's design won.


Yep, The Saleen S5S is one sleek looking brownie. Or is that a lemon bar? Whatever, we'd eat it either way. [Automobile]

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This looks like the Espirit concept mixed with the Gallardo and Volkwagen Nardo W12 supercar.