Illustration for article titled Saleen Developing Gibbs Aquada And Quadski For American Market

Saleen will be conducting manufacturing design and engineering work required to bring the Gibbs Aquada and Quadski to the North American market. Gibbs plans to introduce the models here late in 2009 or early in 2010. In addition to working on production processes for the amphibians, Saleen is also looking at ways to improve their performance.


Sort of a cross between a Jet Ski and a quad bike, the Quadski can reach speeds of 40 mph on land and water. Not just a big toy, it can be a valuable tool to rescue workers and military personnel that need to rapidly cross varied terrains. The Aquada is intended to work as a sports car on the road and a speedboat on the water. Capable of reaching 110 mph on land and 40 mph on water, its 175 HP motor is capable of towing water-skiers as well.


We're really looking forward to getting our hands on both machines. Anyone know where we can get "Save the Enzos" printed on a Speedo? [via WWJ]

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That's what has been keeping the surf and turf vehicles from becoming commonplace- the lack of narcissistic badging on every flat surface of their structure. Way to go Steve!