Saabophiles' Delight: Vintage Turbos

When we showed you the 2008 Saab Turbo X the other day, we found out that more than a few of you are closet Saabophiles. And while we certainly respect the new Turbo X, there's just something about older Saabs that can't be replicated by a contemporary car. So for all you Swede fiends out there, here's a second look at that pretty little perfectly-restored 900 Turbo that the GM Heritage Collection brought along to the 9-3 Turbo X comparo test. And since we're at it, we've included a gallery of of various vintage Saab Turbos for your viewing pleasure.

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My two cars: 1990 325iS, 1988 Saab 9000 Turbo. The Saab vomited its engine (ok fine... I put my finger down its throat) about 2 years ago and hasn't it accepted back since.

My experience with the Saab is like so: run away. As fast as you can. The interior is an odd mix of high quality plastics and really cheap cloth. The chassis is horribly flexy. And the electronics... sigh the electronics. The engine is pretty damn stout though - that much I will give it. The steering feel's pretty nice - i.e. when it is not desperately trying to twist its way out of your hands - very much like a temperamental cat I might say. It does however get great gas mileage for the power it is capable of... and I have on many occasions moved entire apartments in one trip

The e30 on the other hand - not so good at moving apartments, but better at everything else. This also is possibly the reason the Saab and its engine stay divorced :)