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With GM unloading its share of Subaru, Saab's upcoming lineup is short exactly one crossover SUV. The Subaru Tribeca-based 9-6x that was planned for release in 2007 has been shelved indefinitely, leaving the Trollhattan bunch to raid the GM library for a replacement. According to AutoWeek, the deed is already done — a new crossover, dubbed called 9-4x is in the works. The new model will be slotted between the 9-3 and 9-5, and use GM's Sigma Epsilon platform, host of the new European Cadillac BLS sedan and upcoming BRX sport ute. But where the 9-6x would have been a US pitch, the 9-4x will reportedly be for the European market primarily.

Saab Developing Smaller Crossover After Collapse of Subaru Alliance [AutoWeek]

Spy Photos: Saaburu 9-(x)x; Saaburus No More: GM Dumps Stake in Subaru [internal]


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