Russia's New Nuclear Missile-Carrying 16-Wheelers

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The MAZ 547/7916 series of mobile military transports was an integral part of Soviet military strategy. Outfitted with intercontinental nuclear missiles, their mobility aided in evading satellite and spy plane imaging of the day. These are Russia's even-bigger descendants.


Russia is no longer a communist nation, however, following the disintegration of the USSR and the end of the Cold War, its military industrial complex stayed largely intact. The previously top-secret Minsk plant division of the MAZ now produces the Volat ranges from a standard 4 wheels all the way up to what you see here, the MZKT-79221. Introduced in 1999, this monster ups the ante from 6- to 8-axles, 16 driven wheels, a 700-hp diesel, a 25 mph top speed and massive 80-ton capacity.

These days the Russian Strategic Rocket Defense maintains 67 of these kinds of "nuclear delivery vehicles" fitted with the Topol-M surface-to-surface intercontinental ballistic missile system. That may seem like a lot until you realize that number was as high as 937 in 2007. The best part? They can be outfitted for non-military applications. [English Russia, Dark Roasted Blend]

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