Though companies like BRABUS will take your Mercedes CL and mold it into a V12-powerd monster, they'll only tweak the exterior so much. And what's the point of tweaking a car if you can't drop wheels on it that are many orders of magnitude larger than the stock ones, or swap the grille out for something that looks like it was taken off of a Freightliner? If you want that level of customization you'll have to skip the Germans and go straight to the Russians, specifically this Russian. Whether you love it, hate it or are afraid of it, we have photos of the process below.


There's so much going on in these photos and the result is so extreme that we're almost at a loss for post-Soviet humor. Fur coats, cardboard and technological solutions that use one half of what looks to be a two-liter bottle of 7-UP just add to the allure of this somewhat mysterious Russian (we think) custom. (h/t to Jorgen) []

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