Illustration for article titled Russians Demand Maybach Taxi Cabs, Porsche Cayennes Too

What car do you think of when you imagine a Russian taxi cab? A Lada? Maybe a Volga? Well apparently we need to change our perceptions, because these Russian taxis are quite different. These cabs are a Maybach 62 and a Gemballa-tuned Porsche Cayenne. But why would you want to ride around in such a vulgar means of transportation? It's one thing to take ride in a yellow Crown Vic, but a two-tone orange Maybach? Really?

Why not just have your chartered Maybach painted black on black? It all seems like overkill, but maybe that's the whole point. If you're going to drop serious coin on a luxurious ride, you might as well rub it in the face of all those peasants.
[ via EnglishRussia]


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