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Russian Wolves Now Attacking Parking Lots

The surely fake pack of wolves that mobbed the Russian police on Friday are now attacking shoppers at a Russian supermarket. What's this viral marketing for? A Russian wolf movie? Wolf spray? (Hat tip to TheCroatianGuy!)


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Reborn Pyrrhic

I once saw a wolf at the end of my street. It was twice the size of those mutts in that video.

I came up on it as I was jogging, maybe from 1/4 mile away. My street is one mile long with no houses on the last 1/2 mile. When I saw the wolf I stopped, the wolf looked at me and bolted into the forest.

I got to the spot where the wolf was standing and the foot prints where almost twice the size of my Alaskan husky paws, and the "wheelbase" of the wolf (so to speak) was 1 foot longer than my husky too. One large beast.

I talked to my landlord who has lived in the neighborhood for almost 30 years and he says that yes, he's seen wolfes here but it's a very rare occasion.