Russian Idiot's 120 MPH Subaru Highway Run Ends Rather Poorly

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Just from the words in my headline — Russia, 120 mph, Subaru, highway — can you guess how this one will end?

The answer, as you no doubt have predicted already, is badly. Quite badly.

We see this genius in a Subaru WRX flying down a crowded freeway at speeds approaching 200 km/h (about 120 mph), darting around traffic while his two buddies look on approvingly.


Then, as if momentarily convinced he's on a motorcycle instead of a car, the WRX driver tries to split lanes and collides with a whole bunch of other cars in a tunnel, causing his own airbags to deploy. Or maybe he was just going too fast in the tunnel and that was the only way he could slow down without completely rear-ending someone.

It's hard to tell from the low-quality video. But clearly, it's not a good outcome for anyone.


Hat tip to _Mécanicien and Supercharger-Heaven in Oppo-town!