Every so often you're flipping through channels and your remote lands on Spike or TBS or whatever and there's one of those cop chase shows and they show some video from 1994 where a Toyota Tercel narrowly avoids some spike strips and you think, "oh, that's nice." This is not that video.

Because this is Russia, and in Russia, you drive on the wrong side, you go off road, you narrowly avoid hitting pedestrians without a care in the world, you get oversteer, you get understeer, and really you just generally drive like you have one singular focus in mind.


And that focus is Justice.

Oh, and sometimes when Justice is served, the video makes a suspicious cut right after you start chasing the suspect, right when you'd want the video most, right when you're sure that guy is about to get the beatdown of his life.

Because there is no greater crime than putting that stupid wing on a Toyota.

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