Russia Is Livestreaming The World Championship Tank Biathlon Finals

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Tanks! They’re big, mean, ugly, and loud, and their crews are highly competitive. Russia is hosting the World Championship Tank Biathalon right now, and the finals mean that the best of the whole group are competing for the title of Best Tank Biathelete (I think). But the winner gets a tank! A real tank!



The Tank Biathalon has been going for a while now, and already a Kuwaiti crew has managed to drift so hard they flipped. But now it’s the finals, and Russian government mouthpiece Russia Today has been kind enough to livestream the ultimate challenge. The competition consists of tests of driving, racing and shooting with various vehicles, according to RT, and everyone there seems pretty enthused, I suppose.

The contest involves a bunch of Russian allies, so I’m not really sure we can call it a true “world championship,” but we do go around calling our baseball championship the World Series, even if the only thing international about it is that a team from Toronto sometimes competes.

The winner takes home a T-90 main battle tank. Really.

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dsigned001 - O.R.C. hunter

I think we need a world tank ball championship. Tanks firing paint rounds at each other. I think it’d make for some pretty exciting combat