Running Over A Cop Is Bad, Using A Stolen Car To Do It Is Worse

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Penitentiaries are called penitentiaries because they're supposed to reform people. But 26-year-old Joe Emanuel Hernandez apparently didn't learn his lesson after serving out two separate sentences behind bars.

Last week, he admitted in court to using a stolen pickup truck to run down a cop last March.

When San Diego Sheriff's Deputies received a report that someone's truck had been swiped from the parking lot in front of Harrah's Rincon Casino, they looked at the security camera footage to see what they could dig up.


Deputies found someone who looked like their guy. It was Hernandez, and he was still sitting in the casino. So the cops followed him outside and watched him climb into the stolen truck. When police identified themselves, Hernandez started up the truck and put it into reverse. One of the deputies fired his pistol at the truck's back window, but missed Hernandez. The other deputy was dragged across the parking lot by the passenger door and injured when he tried to climb in.

The truck ended up stuck in a ditch. Hernandez admitted to two felonies and is receiving a plea deal. He will be sentenced on October 19th and should receive 2 years, 8 months in prison. Insert cheesy COPS boneheaded criminal comment here. The guy's an idiot and it's too bad the state has to pay for his room and board.


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"This perp was caught with a stolen truck at a casino where he was inside gambling...(rest of stort)...looks like the only gaming He'll be doing from now on is 'hide the quarter'"