Rumored Clarkson Top Gear Replacement Sue Perkins Received Death Theats

As the BBC mulls what to do with the money-spewing Top Gear franchise without sacked star Jeremy Clarkson or his two co-presenters, some have floated the idea that comedian, broadcaster and The Great British Bake Off host Sue Perkins could take his place. Naturally, this means she gets death threats on Twitter.

The Guardian reports that Perkins, who has denied she’s been approached to even do Top Gear in the first place, is taking a break from Twitter for a while because her timeline has been filled with violent threats and suggestions that she “burn to death.”


Just when you thought the Jeremy Clarkson story couldn’t get any more insufferable!

I don’t really know anything about Sue Perkins, or whether she’s a car person or not — I assume she has to be if she’s even being rumored as a host. Or it’s all just made up by bookmakers, who are taking bets on who the next hosts will be.


Regardless, Perkins doesn’t deserve death threats over Twitter because nobody deserves death threats over Twitter, ever. These are probably coming from the same mouth-breather garbage people giving Oisin Tymon and BBC Director-General Lord Tony Hall death threats over the fracas and Clarkson’s subsequent dropping from the show.

Twitter is a sewer. Burn your computer. Technology strips us of our humanity.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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