Rumored! 2010 Iteration of Four-Door Chrysler 300 To Get Drop-Top Treatment?

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Although specialty builder and supplier ASC Incorporated unveiled its Helios concept, a lattice-structured ragtop based on a 300C four-door sedan, at the Detroit show last year, word on the street is the German-American hybrid's rejected the ASC design due to cost considerations and feasability studies. Instead, Motor Trend is reporting the 'merican side of the cross-Atlantic merger of equals has contracted with another cross-Atlantic merger of equals, the Austrian/Canadian killer combo of Magna-Steyr to build a Karmann-style retractable folding steel roof for the next design iteration of the big gangsta sedan. Of course, they've been mulling over this idea forever — so who knows whether this is real or Memorex.

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A folding hardtop for a 4-door? I'm skeptical. Not only would it be horrifically complex (four segments? five?) but I'll bet you'd eliminate all trunk space by stacking that much sheetmetal in there.