Rumor: F1's Jenson Button May Become The Most Dapper Man On Top Gear

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Fair warning: this rumor comes via The Daily Mail, which is about as reliable a source as that guy at the music festival who did too much and needs a moment alone with the voices—particularly on all matters Top Gear. Behold: those voices say we might get Jenson Button as a Top Gear host!

Formula One’s silly season is starting to get in full swing, with rumors of Valtteri Bottas being scooped up by Red Bull, Kimi Räikkönen buying the troubled Blue Bell brand of ice cream, and a live honey badger—not Daniel Ricciardo, but the actual testicle-injuring animal—taking Massa’s seat at Williams. (Not really. I just made all of those up. There’s a bunch of actual rumors flying around at the moment, but meh. It’s still early.)

Any driver older than Max Verstappen is subject to the ever-present retirement rumor, though, and this time, it’s Jenson Button’s turn!


“‘An announcement is imminent,’ claims one source,” claims The Daily Mail.

So far, Chris Evans is the only host we know for-sure will be on the show. Evans, of course, encouraged fans everywhere to send in audition clips.

According to The Independent, Jodie Kidd, Guy Martin and Phillip Glenister have been the subject of most of the Top Gear rumors out there at the moment, but what the hay, let’s throw Button’s name in that hat, too.

So far, Jenson Button has dismissed rumors of his retirement. Button has a multi-year contract with McLaren. While getting the car to perform, erm, at all with the new Honda power units has been an uphill battle, nothing seems to indicate that he’s no longer committed to McLaren Honda Sparkle-Paint Motion and would be looking for an out from the team.


Of course, that won’t prohibit rumors from flying, particularly as Button is one of the oldest drivers on the grid, not to mention an affable personality I’d quite enjoy watching as the host of anything. Jenson could host “Fun with Beige!” or “42 Minutes of Nothing But Bobby Flay’s Smug Face Looking Extra Smug” and I’d probably watch.

“In any sport, the trick is to retire at the right time,” Button said, as quoted by The Daily Mail.


Okay, then.

Both Jenson Button’s spokesman and the BBC denied to The Daily Mail that any talks of Button becoming a new Top Gear host were taking place, because of course they did.


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better than the time they had F1 driver Maldonado play The Stig...