RUF Electric Porsche 911 Concept Finally Revealed

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Not too long ago we reported that German tuning house RUF was preparing to unveil an all-electric Porsche Cayman. Today, RUF has shown their Tesla-fighter is in fact a Porsche 911. The concept is fueled by 96 lithium-ion battery packs weighing a total of nearly 1,200 pounds; despite the weight, the 204 HP electric motor uses its 480 lb-ft of torque to hit 60 MPH in under 7 seconds. Looking at the battery layout in the images below, it appears RUF balanced the weight as best they could, but that's a lot of ballast to haul; we're wondering how handling will be affected. More stats after the jump.
RUF claims that, despite the battery heft, the electric 911 will hit nearly 140 MPH and, "driven normally," should have a range between 155-180 miles. "Driven normally" is a big caveat, however: Normally for a Porsche or normally for a Taurus? Either way, we're all for more performance electrics, so we look forward to more of RUF's test results — and the opportunity to get our hands on one. [4WheelsNews]

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Ruff is a tad bit late for that:

a '73 Electric 911T