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Venerable Porsche tuner, RUF, has an unassailable record of turning 911s into insanely fast-moving objects. On a train to college in the late-80s — a time when breaking the double-century mark was nearly unheard of for a road car — we cheered (silently, of course) after reading how the twin-turbo RUF CTR "Yellow Bird" nailed 211mph. (Testarossa who?) Now, Pistonheads profiles the latest RUF Porsche, the RT12 — a 997 Carrera tuned for 650hp, and a possible 225mph. These days, there's far more competition for the top number, but the RT12, introduced at last year's Essen motor show and driven recently by PH's Ian Kuah, looks like it could at least teach its predecessors some road manners.

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