RU Faster Than A Redneck? Is A Real Show That Will Air On TV

Just when you thought reality TV couldn't get any dumber, SPEED decided that it would be a good idea to cast a younger, thinner version of Larry the Cable Guy to host a drag racing show.

But RU Faster Than A Redneck? promises hours of riveting I-should-be-doing-something-else-but-can't-look-away entertainment as it seeks to settle once and for all one of life's biggest questions: What's faster, American muscle cars, or imports?


I know what my answer is. Muscle cars! And I'll fight any sumbitch who says otherwise! What's that you say? I drive a Subaru? Yeah, well, uh ... right. I'm a complete traitor to my cause. What's your favored contender in the everlasting muscle vs. import tangle?

Anyways, it looks like a fun show I want to watch, even if it does blindly follow the now formulaic Learning Channel format with obligatory metal soundtrack.

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