Here's one that makes no one happy: Audi may have ceased producing the four-door version of its Bimmer-beating hot rod. Why? According to the lads at, Audi is killing off their best car ever to make room for the upcoming twin-turbo V10 RS6, which bows in Frankfurt this September. Apparently Audi is concerned that keeping the RS4 around will hurt sales of the RS6. Which is insane. Case in point, they will continue building the RS4 Avant and Convertible. Just yesterday we were reading in how BMW Group Australia's managing director Guenther Seemann doesn't consider Audi a threat. At first were thought it was just typical slick corporate PR. But if our British brothers are right, if Audi is too insecure to sell both the RS4 and RS6 side by side, then I am afraid Herr Seemann has something besides a tragic last name. He has a point. Also of course, no word whatsoever if Audi is bringing the RS4 Avant to the States. But because of the brewhaha about a crash-test issue with battery placement, they probably won't. We think Homer said it best, "Life Is Just One Crushing Defeat After Another 'Till You Just Wish Flanders Was Dead."

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