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Royal Oak PD Steps Up Game Ahead Of Woodward Dream Cruise

Illustration for article titled Royal Oak PD Steps Up Game Ahead Of Woodward Dream Cruise

With the Woodward Dream Cruise looming large over the Royal Oak Police Department, certain measures were necessary in order to maintain law and order, like enlisting the help of a Corvette Z06 for policing duties. Apparently it's part of the "General Motors Police Fleet," which we didn't know existed and now would like to be on press rotation with. So, for all you hooligans making your way down Woodward Avenue way, don't expect to outrun the coppers should you get irresponsible.


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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

@citroen67: Well enjoy the decibels of aural internal combustion goodness.

I'll sit here on the other side of the planet cursing Microsoft Outlook 2000. I'm having 'fun' just trying to get my email to work, but first it won't start, when it does start, it won't use word as an editor so I lose all my signatures. Then Word fails.

IT guy says that Outlook 2000 and XP may have compatibility issues or that Venus is aligned with the moon or some shit. AAHHHH!

I want cave Bill Gates's skull in with a heavy Mac Power PC just to prove that after Bill is a bloody mess I can plug the Mac in and it will still work.