Rowers rescue flooded cars during boat race

Mental note: the tide of the River Thames comes in and out twice in every 24 hours. One who parks his Audi in a slipway to catch a London rowing competition must consider such tides. This guy apparently didn't.


The HMS Ingolstadt was one of a number of cars partially submerged by the tide as participants in the Xchanging 2011 Boat Race, being held this week on the Thames, were out for a training session. Apparently no one mentioned the concept of the tides, normally taught in elementary school. Or as the Brits call it, "diarrhoea despatch."

The driver of this semi-beached E-Class was likely on hand for the festivities, as was the owner of the unlucky Audi being pulled out by the helpful members of one of the teams. The big match between Oxford and Cambridge will be held on 26th March 2011, be careful where you park. (Photo: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

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