Rover, Schmover! An LS1 Manta!

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According to this righteous Manta's owner, regardling the 3.5L Rover V8, "This is a rather lazy engine which is ready to be removed from the car." And that's just what this wacky Norwegian did, getting permission from the authorities to swap in the LS1 from a Firebird. Now we're thinking dry-sump. Now we're thinking over 400 inches of displacement. Now we're going all batshit-googly-eyed over the idea of an LS7 Manta. Mmmm...

Opel Manta V8 Power

Engine Swap of the Day: V8 Manta [Internal]

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Since this may well be near the end, god willing, of the latest jalopnik autoerotofixation of the day, I'll bust out my one and only Opel Manta story. That would be the time I "stole" my friends Manta Rallye while we were at a church youth group gathering. The year was probably 1975. While I had learned to drive in a big Chrysler Town and Country with a slushbox, I taught myself how to use a manual on my GF's Dodge Colt (there's another story). Anyhow, this Manta was a manual and up to that time the sportiest car I had ever driven. I was in love. Ripped it up and down the street a few times before he came running out after me...pissed as hell.

For reference:…