Roush Is Building All-Electric Ford F-650s Now

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Roush CleanTech, a division of the same company that builds high-horsepower hot rods and runs a NASCAR race team, has developed an all-electric retrofit drivetrain for Class 6 and 7. The F650, unveiled last week in Long Beach at the ACT Expo green transport conference, is the first non-combustion vehicle the company has ever worked on.

This new truck is fitted with a mid-mounted 335 peak horsepower AC permanent magnet electric motor powering the rear wheels via a short driveshaft to the truck’s existing rear axle. The truck is fitted with a large stack of lithium ion batteries providing up to 225 kWh and 700 volts. The truck’s average range, depending on load weight, will be around 120 miles. The truck will be capable of a maximum speed of 75 MPH.


Roush CleanTech currently has over 19,000 propane and CNG vehicles on the road, from trucks like this one to school buses. The pivot to a BEV wasa natural one for the company, and apparently a consumer driven one. Fed up with the high costs of diesel, Roush customers in California are the primary driver for this change. 

Competitors in this space include BYD, Workhorse, and Fuso, meaning Roush CleanTech has a bit of catching up to do. This is a relatively new segment, however, and Roush has a history of well-engineered product and a rapport with their existing customers.


In a conversation with, Roush engineering vice president Rob Stevens tempered expectations, stating demand is currently in the hundreds, not thousands. He also mentioned that because of regulatory demands and certifications, the truck won’t be commercially available for at least 18 months.