Ross Lovegrove Puts Car On Stick

Ross Lovegrove doesn't look at cars like you and I do, saying, "My dream remains to rationalize the car as a democratic, universal, biological, Earth-centric tool for living." His newest concept, this car on a stick, explores how vehicles interact with the space around them. Instead of merely consuming that space while parked, Lovegrove envisions vehicles that contribute to their environment, in this case the stick not only reduces the vehicle's footprint, but also turns it into a temporary shelter, a streetlamp and an architectural feature.

Lovegrove also envisions that vehicles of the future will be automated, eliminating not only the need for a driver, but also accidents. As a result, this concept doesn't need traditional crash structures or seating arrangements, leaving occupants free to observe and interact with the space they're passing through. [Via Dezeen]


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