The French asked a Welsh bloke to come up with their new design language. Ross Lovegrove is well known for his organic shapes, having collaborated before with such companies as Apple, Airbus, Sony or Peugeot. We can thank him for some of our early Walkmans.

His new concept car for Renault will debut at an exhibition at the Triennale of Milan on April 9th, and according to the artist, "by examining nature, its systems and energy transactions, this project intends to bring awareness and understanding of those phenomena and their current impact".


I like the lamps. Also, if these teaser images remind you of the Renault Alpine Concept, fear not, you're not alone. We don't know what mechanics (if any) lie under these nature-inspired body panels, but I support the idea of a future Clio or Megane sharing some of these shapes.

Photo credit: Lovegrove Studio