Illustration for article titled Romanian mobster gets parking ticket, flashes police

The gentleman above is Dumitru Cârstea, a businessman from the western Romanian city of Timişoara. After receiving a wheel clamp on his black BMW X5 for parking it illegally, Cârstea protested by taping blocări ilegale (“illegally clamped”) to the window of his car, then waving his exposed penis in the general direction of parking police who approached him with a video camera.


You may watch an entirely SFW version of the footage on the website of the Romanian newspaper Adevărul. It’s all very strange if you don’t speak Romanian. Dudes in leather jackets and trainers, mostly.

One has to admire the unashamed virility of Romanian men with big cars. Just recall the classic video of Gigi Becali and his crowbar, as applied to a dent on his Maybach.


(Hat tip to, as with all things silly and awesome, Markoferko!)

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