Romanian Cross Lander SUV Hits Import Snag

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We've been waiting for the Romanian Cross Lander SUV to hit the states for years. That it was the favored ride of an ex-(ecuted) Eastern European dictator, or that its technologies haven't been current since Wolfman Jack last guest-hosted the Dick Cavett Show are less important to us than its sub $20,000 price tag and English-country looks. We're also touched by a company whose employees are so loyal, they offered to donate their sperm in exchange for money to pay back millions in company debt. Unfortunately, with the SUV's importer having trouble getting the four-wheeled time machine federalized for the US market, there's never been a better time for a sperm drive than right now.


Would-be importer struggles to bring Romanian 4X4 to the U.S. [The Detroit News]

Romanian-Built SUV to Challenge Competitors for US Sales [internal]

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