Romanian-Built SUV to Challenge Competitors for US Sales

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There may be one more SUV on the market with which to traverse the migration paths of elk, or the round-robin path of junior's soccer league. The Romanian-built Cross Lander 244X, just got its go-papers from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and will likely hit dealership lots in mid-2005.

The 244X is a bare-bones, the-dingo-ate-your-baby kind of SUV — think Cherokee Sport, not Range Rover Sport — based on a similar off-roader built for years by Auto Romania (ARO), the country's state automotive company. It's powered with a four-liter V-6 engine and will sell at a price starting in the low $20,000s, according to the company. If nothing else, it sure is a good time in history to be a pipeline inspector.


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