The Phantom VII was introduced over 13 years ago and is now approaching the end of its production. Its successor is getting an all new aluminum spaceframe, but the Phantom Coupé and the Drophead Coupé will not be renewed.


I guess there’s a reason why Bentley doesn’t make a two-door Mulsanne.

While the last Phantom VII limousines will roll off the assembly line this year, Rolls-Royce will also build a collection of 50 Coupé’s and Drophead Coupés, called Phantom Zenith by the end of November. After that, no more two-doors for you. Apart for the Wraith and the Dawn of course, but let’s not kid ourselves with such half-fat nonsense.

While I’m sure those fifty Zeniths will be almost as remarkable as the Drophead Waterspeed collection was two years ago, I know a guy who will be really sad to see the Coupés go: Lord March.


As well as having the factory on his estate, the man behind the wonderland known as Goodwood also drives a black Phantom Coupé with orange coachlines, because as he puts it, “that’s the one to have.”


Maybe he should grab one of those Zeniths. RR’s Director of Design Giles Taylor promises something rather special:

Zenith will be the sum of all the best features of Phantom Coupé and Drophead Coupé, with a few surprises added. We expect huge demand for these 50 fine motor cars as we shall not look upon their like again.

Such surprise features will include a Tailgate Hosting Area; laser etched armrests depicting the original launch locations of 100EX in Villa D’Este and 101EX in Geneva; Bespoke instrument dials and a special treatment of the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy figurine. Each customer will also receive a ‘money cannot buy’ portable memento of his or her purchase, whilst the motor cars will be offered to clients in a palate of memorable colour combinations from Rolls-Royce’s history.


Rolls-Royce’s next new model will be an SUV chasing the Bentley Bentayga, but Chief Executive Officer Torsten Müller-Ötvös says they are working hard on perfecting the Phantom VIII as well, which will hit the market in early 2018.


Lack of sales or rigidity issues with the new spaceframe? Either way, the most eccentric Rolls will be missed dearly.

Photo credit: Rolls-Royce and Máté Petrány/Jalopnik


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