Rolls-Royce Crashes Into UK Supermarket

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We have seen cars arrive violently in supermarkets before, but the Brits show us how to do it in style.

The accident happened yesterday afternoon in Hampshire, southwest of London, at a Tesco supermarket. According to Metro:

Six women suffered cuts, bruising and shock when the vehicle went through the window of the Tesco store in River Way, Andover, Hampshire, at about 4.30 yesterday afternoon, police said.

Shoppers ran for cover as the car smashed into shelves and tills and then tried to reverse out but got stuck.


The car’s driver was arrested at the scene. And is there a more appropriate time to re-watch the scene from Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkson opens a new swimming pool in a decidedly similar fashion?

Photo Credit: Metro



I find it ironic that he crashed in the "Beer, Wines and Spirits" section.