Reader Mateo just reminded us why we loved hip-hop as a youngster and fell away from it as it became more and more bitches-and-money obsessive (in the same way as we tired of hardcore when it got tough-guy and emo when it became a haircut instead of an in-joke). Today, so many rap artists use cars as apparent substitutes for an a lack of genuine lack of confidence in their masculinity, but it wasn't always like that. Example? Rakim. He could roll up in a 900 Turbo and still rock the house. Which is why, regardless of race, nationality, gunshot wounds or genre, Howlin' Pelle Almqvist and Rakim totally kick Fitty's ass. Would you like lemon or lime with that, Mr. Cent?

WaSaabi! Trading Pickled Ginger for Pickled Herring [Internal]


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