Roll Down to the Bodega: The Cruizin' Cooler

Illustration for article titled Roll Down to the Bodega: The Cruizin' Cooler

Our geeky brother Gizmodo is biting off our penchant for references to the bodega (check the southeast corner), but with good reason. It's the Cruizin' Cooler, and Pacheco, Scott, the Seagull Lady and Patrick the Homeless Guy would all be totally stoked if we pulled up outside it on one. Then we could stock it with mad Perrier, buy a fishing pole, a few nudie mags, smokes, Triscuits and ramen and roll on home with all of the supplies needed for an MSG-and-nicotine-fueled day of blogging. Plus, the cute chick from Rex's would no doubt be all up in our steez.


Cruizin' Cooler [via Gizmodo]


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