Roll Call: Who's Still Up Watching Racing?

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You’ve done Halloween. You’re home if you have kids, or run out of candy/booze/stuff to break/scary movies/the ability to yell “WOOOOO!”/paintballs/toilet paper/explosives if you did the party thing. Not tired yet? Need to do something with that sugar overload? Tell us: what are you up watching?


Just because our half of the world is pooped by now doesn’t mean much. Most of us even get an extra hour to snooze, anyway, and there’s a lot happening tonight. is hosting its usual Super GT stream right now for Round 7 at Autopolis, and it’s fantastic as usual. There’s about twenty laps left of some of the wildest GT cars on the planet. If you’d rather watch it from the start, wait a little while and a recorded version should pop up at the same link—hooray for the modern wonder of YouTube.

At the same time, the World Endurance Championship just fired up the 6 Hours of Shanghai.

Look at this dude. The marshals are ready. If that guy isn’t saying “come at me bro” with that little warm-up, I don’t know what he’s saying—but he’s clearly ready for anything that could happen at his station.

That’s not even getting into all the other stuff that you might have DVR’d or found a stream of on your own. Tell us (or show us if you’ve found a cool stream): what are you up watching right now?


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I’m watching this Ute race again, because it’s just plain goofy