Sick of Yamaha flat-trackerizing things and putting the speed block livery on it? Me either. This Roland Sands FZ-09 Tracker is the stuff my moto wet dreams are made of.


The teaser below shows Yamaha is working with Roland Sands on a flat-track stylized version of the FZ-09, as Part Two of the “Faster Sons” project beginning with Shinya Kimura’s modified FZ-07, which eventually morphed into the production XSR700.

The “Faster Sons” project is an excuse to honor the passion and history that our “fathers” left us, and mixing that into some seriously capable hot newness.


We’ll have to wait and see just how capable, as the Kimura’s bike had a much better springboard in the FZ-07 for what they were going for, while Sands will have to manage the FZ-09’s massive torque and tendency to buck around.

If he can solve the FZ-09’s fueling issue, Yamaha’s goal of more speed, more power, and more fun shouldn’t be too difficult to manage. We’ll have to wait and see if Sands’ custom will develop into a product like Kimura managed with the XSR700.

You can read my full review of the Yamaha FZ-09 here, and then read about how to fixing the suspension and fixing the fueling.

And maybe it’s just Yamaha’s excuse to post some sweet porn. I don’t mind. We’ll get some more information Monday.

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