Roehr 1250sc, The New American Sportsbike

With a supercharged Harley V-Rod engine putting out 180bhp and a chassis made from steel and aluminum, the production-ready Roehr 1250sc promises to bring a new level of American-made performance to the streets. It'll carry a new level of exclusivity, too. Why? When production starts in Illinois this fall, expect to pay nearly $60,000 for the privilege of owning one.

Originally developed for Buell, but subsequently rejected for being too large and heavy, the Roehr will be the first production sportsbike to use the Revolution engine. Somehow, Roehr has managed to bring the 1125sc in at just 192kg dry, which is only a few kilos off competitors like the Ducati 1098R. With 115lb/ft of torque, expect the 1125sc to be competitive with that bike's performance, too. At least in a straight line, there's been some concern expressed over the physical size machine compromising its ultimate handling abilities, but we'll reserve judgment until we get the chance to ride one.


If the Roehr lives up to its performance claims it'll bring a level of performance and exclusivity previously only matched by bikes from Europe and Japan to America. By doing so with its own unique character, we hope it'll be the first of many more bikes like it. [Roehr Motorcycles]

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