Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Being predominantly utilitarian conveyances, limousines rarely are the cause of ardor, even for those rolling in them. But today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a 40-foot 4x4 that will get you to the show, and will give you wood.

Yesterday 56% of you befriended the little Ami from France in one of the closer NPOCP contests of late. Despite having room for four, that diminutive Citroën represented the nadir end of the car-size spectrum. Fully occupying two seats at the top of that span is today's contender- an '87 Jeep Wagoneer Limo.

Now we've seen limos here recently, as well as odd-ball extended wheelbase vehicles, but this jumbo Jeep combines two of our favorite things- wood-paneled Jeep Wagoneers, and. . . more Jeep Wagoneer! You never can get enough of a good thing, and with the CMAs coming up next month - and the hope that a certain restraining order will be lifted - it's important to weigh one's options. Rolling up in this would more than make up for arriving one year in a Hello Kitty Prius with a back-window sticker of Calvin peeing on the confederate flag-draped body of Johnny Cash. Not that that ever happened, we're just saying. And that alone is worth the $24,900 asking price.


Like a mullet, this Wagoneer is all business up front, and a party in the back, but it's done tastefully and, judging by the pictures, it looks pretty solid. These bad boys are ladder framed, making the extension pretty easy, and while it may no longer be able to complete the Rubicon, at least there's a bar in the back for when you get stuck.

Despite the added length, and the kind of cheesy aftermarket rims, this Grand Wagoneer remains respectable in its appearance. The blue paint is subdued and they have kept the walnut-grain siding intact. In fact, it looks like an entire forest of polyvinyl trees was felled for the cladding, making it look like the biggest log you've seen since that unfortunate discovery following burrito night at the frat, back in the day.


The 360-cid AMC V8 is bullet-proof and pops out an adequate 160 1987-era horses, plus enough torque to keep its quadra-trac spinning just in case you and your entourage need to take the back-way to the awards show you're crashing. Befitting its position as Jeep's standard barer at the time, the Grand Wagoneer has power-everything and enough bells and whistles to keep your chauffeur busy while you're inside getting Kanye on the event, and giggling about Mac McAnally's name. The generous door openings will mean no one gets left behind during your hasty escape


So, if you need to make a statement while arriving at the red carpet, or if that red carpet happens to be out in the boonies, this Jeep might be just the ticket. But what about the cost? Does $24,900 make this stretch 4 by 4 an award-winner? Or, does that price knock it out of contention?

You decide!


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