Robots Not Necessarily in Disguise: Real Transformers!

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While Wert scoots through Metro Detroit in his Liberty with a bevy of girls in green Constructicons body paint singing "Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons!" and giggling like a maniac, some of here on the coasts aren't quite as thrilled, having become annoyed with the franchise once the safety Nazis stepped and didn't allow Megatron to continue looking like a real gun. And Rodimus Prime? What was he about? Frustrated, we moved on to reruns of The Rockford Files. Regardless, we do have a passing interest in robotics, and this bit on HowStuffWorks about real-life reconfigurable robots is worth checking out. We're gonna go back to checking out the adventures of Jim, Angel and Rocky now.

How Real Transformers Work [HowStuffWorks]

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