Robotic Teddy Bear Navigation System Points, Nags, Thrills Japanese

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iXs Research Corporation has unveiled a truly creepy GPS navigation system. Rather than having a standard LCD display screen/audio output that shows and tells directions, the system consists of a one-foot-tall teddy bear that not only speaks directions, but also points in the general vicinity in which you need to go. The fun doesn't stop there, either: Little Master Ruxpin also includes an alcohol detection sensor. If the teddy catches a whiff of your three-martini lunch, that's grounds for incessant nagging, plush-toy style. Finally, expect a loud "Watch out!" upon quickly braking or accelerating.


Fujitsu actually owns the much fought-for (!) patent on doll-based car navigation systems, but granted iXs Research Corp. permission to use the idea for a teddy bear. Not surprisingly, iXs is based in Japan — about the only country in the world where a back-seat-driving, teetotalling, pointing, navigation teddy bear might actually be considered a good idea . [Pink Tentacle] (Generic image via Getty)


Rob Emslie

As a bonus feature, the robot bear provides information about nearby landmarks when you stroke its head.

Like there aren't enough distractions while driving, now they want us to hand job a dashboard bear in order to find out where the closest Chik-Fil-A is?