Robocop actor endorses Detroit's Robocop statue

Illustration for article titled iRobocop/i actor endorses Detroits Robocop statue

Throughout the march to pay for a statue of Robocop in the city of Detroit, one voice has been absent: Robocop himself, or at least Peter Weller, whose face was grafted onto America's favorite cyborg lawman. Until now.

With $50,000 committed for the statue last month following a campaign based on a single tweet, the past two weeks have been spent battling between supporters who see it as a much-needed piece of whimsy and attention, and critics, including Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, who question how a statue of a robot fits into the troubled city's priorities. It's a dispute that Weller seems to get, especially when calling Robocop "the cyborg of self-respect."


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I'm from Michigan. About 3 hours from Detroit. Love all the Detroit sports teams and so I don't hate the city. Woodward ave dream cruise is like heaven on earth for Jalop fans. Anyhow... why? Why are we spending upwards of $25k for a statue of a movie character? What's the point? Can we get a statue of Darth Vader built for the White House? How about we build a statue of the Grinch and put it in Jeremy Clarkson's front lawn?

Pointless waste of money in a city with significant REAL issues an enormous number of people jobless and losing their homes. Give the money to charity you fools.