Robert Rauschenberg, BMW Car Artist, Dead At 83

Contemporary American artist Robert Rauschenberg joined Pimp C and Janis Joplin on the list of artists from Port Arthur, Texas that we're sad to not have with us anymore. Though better known for any number of artistic accolades and pieces, we'll always remember Rauschenberg as the guy who designed the cover to Speaking in Tongues and, more importantly, the sixth BMW art car, a BMW 635 CSi. A departure from previous art cars, Rauschenberg's BMW stretched the concept of the car as a canvas by making it an actual canvas for works from Ingres, Bronzino as well as his own photographs. Additionally, this car was the first to incorporate the wheels into the design in such a strong manner. The product is both unique and thoroughly modern with an approach as timeless as the 6-series BMW itself. You can see a bit of the process in the video above, as well as Rauschenberg himself, who seems to be taking a break from his day job as the manager of a Foot Locker. [Source: WaPo]



beautiful car... and he had a wonderful body of work through-out his life.

(and luckily i'm able to restrain myself from making bad referee jokes..)