Watch A Rally Car Drive Over A Tree And Keep Going

Robert Kubica is probably the single driver with the most incredible comebacks to his name by sheer numbers, so he's not going to let a little bitty crash like this one in the Rally Finland slow him down. Not even if he needs to take out half the goddamn forest.


In case you don't remember Robert Kubica, he is a former Formula One driver who was known for blazing speed, but also for a scary crash in 2007 in Canada. He tested for Renault in February of 2011, but decided to try his hand at a bit of rallying just a few days later.

In 2011, his Skoda Fabia was flying through the first stage of the Ronde di Andora Rally when his car left the course and hit a barrier at high speed. The barrier penetrated the cockpit, hitting Kubica. His forearm was partially amputated, and he suffered compound fractures (that's the one where the bone pokes through the skin) to his elbow, shoulder, and leg. Needless to say, he lost a lot of blood.

He won his first race back, just 20 months later.

Kubica suffered another setback last year when he slipped on ice outside his home (he was walking this time, not racing), but he's not going to let such piddling things get him down. Not when you've realized you're invincible.

So you think he's going to let some trees get in his way?




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