Robby Gordon's 2014 Dakar Race In One Picture

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Sun baking down, components red-hot, and I'm sure vultures were about to start circling any moment: it was a sad scene for Gordon's race rig as it laid static somewhere between Calama and Iquique, Chile during the Dakar Rally that just wrapped up.

Robby Gordon and co-driver Kellon Walch made for a few "traditional" photo-ops, but unfortunately this photo more accurately summarizes their 2014 Dakar performance.

Team SPEED Energy's "HST Gordini" was plagued with problems from the very first day, losing over two hours due to vapor lock and overheating fluids. The team finally had to drop out of the race in Stage 11 when the Gordini's air filtration system proved inadequate just 18 kilometers into the stage.


While the race didn't go exactly as Gordon and SPEED Energy had planned, I'm sure they learned a lot about what needs to be done to their vehicle for the next one.

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I was surprised at just how many problems Gordon had with the new truck (Vapor lock and intake contamination? Really? He knows these are day-one-fundamentals for desert racing), but I look forward to much improved situation next year.