Rob Lowe Gets Bored On Flight, Makes Fun Of Crew Uniforms

Another celebrity has taken their airline grievances to Twitter. This time, it's actor Rob Lowe, who was flying Air Canada's low-cost carrier Rouge, and he decided to make fun of the flight attendant's uniforms.


(photo via Air Canada)

Here are the Rouge uniforms. They're certainly less frumpy than a lot of the other airlines out there! Lowe tweets that their style looks like Justin Timberlake from 2005, yet his hair style (top photo, taken this April) looks like Vanilla Ice from 1990.

Many of us tweet to companies for customer service matters, but Lowe's criticism of the airline's fashion sense just seems like an act of boredom. A couple of days ago, it was rapper on Twitter, whining that United wouldn't let him into their elite Global First lounge even though United said his ticket didn't qualify him for admittance, and may have presented a falsified membership card.

Top photo via Getty Images


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