Roadside Ass-sistance: A Hilarious Take On Cliché Garage Porno

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Take real-life porn starlet Sasha Grey, dress her in a skimpy school girl outfit and put her in the clichéd NSFW greasy garage scene. Then proceed to not make a porno. Comedic gold. (NSFW-For-Language-And-Sexual-Situations)

PG Porn is the brain child of producer and starring character James Gunn with the premise that pornos are really entertaining in their kitschy acting and terrible plot lines, but ultimately ruined by the actual sex. Cue porn without, PG Porn, which on the premise alone allows for some pretty darn funny comedic set ups. This particular episode titled "Roadside Ass-sistance" places the hot new porn starlet in the traditional dirty garage with convenient car trouble, mixes in well worn double-entendres, and finishes off with a totally unexpected and hilariously dirty punchline. Enjoy.

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That was much better than most "new" porn. I prefer the old school stuff Debbie does Dallas era. The last generation or so has all reminded me of biology class and hairless rats. Takes something out of it for me. Maybe that's too much information...

She is a cute little thing though.